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CCSP Saver Programme

The CCSP Saver Programme will continue for the 2021/2022 programme year which runs from the 16th August 2021 to 12th August 2022.

The CCSP Saver Programme is processed online via the Programmes Implementation Platform (PIP) for the 2021/2022 programme year with the intention of moving to the Early Years platform (HIVE) for the 2022/2023 programme year.

The CCSP Saver Programme is administered by Pobal, on behalf of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.

The CCSP Saver Programme provides support for eligible parent/guardians on a low income to avail of reduced childcare costs at participating childcare services during the 2021/2022 programme year.

Children who were registered for CCSP on the 15th November in the 2019/2020 programme year, prior to the launch of NCS and were registered on the CCSP Saver Programme for the 2020/2021 programme year, will be regarded as eligible ‘Savers’ for the purposes of the 2021/2022 programme year.

No new registrations can be made under the CCSP Saver Programme for children who have not been previously registered on the CCSP 2019/2020 programme year.

No registrations can be made under the CCSR or the CCSR(T) Programme. All eligible children must now be sponsored onto the National Childcare Scheme (NCS). The NCS Sponsor’s team can be contacted at 01-9068535 or by email at

If a child ages out of the CCSP Saver Programme i.e. turns 15 years of age, the parent will no longer be eligible for reduced childcare costs for this child under this programme.

For the 2021/2022 programme year i.e. 16th August 2021 to 12th August 2022, parents of eligible children who were registered on CCSU prior to the 15th November 2019 will, for the most part, continue to receive their subsidies subject to certain terms and conditions. For further information please refer to chapters 14 of this rules document.

The approved childcare funding is paid directly to the Service Provider and must be deducted directly from the service’s fee for the service provision.

Saver Management Windows no longer apply and all corrections can be updated at any time throughout the programme year.

The local City and County Childcare Committees (CCCs) are the first port of call for both parents/guardians and childcare providers in relation to any queries on the CCSP Saver Programme.

Service Providers can contact the Early Years Provider Centre or 01-5117222 for assistance in administering the rules of the CCSP Saver Programme as well as any technical issues with their PIP Portal. Pobal’s ‘How to Guides’ for the CCSP Saver Programme are available on the PIP portal through

As part of the DCEDIY’s commitment to raising the quality of early years care and education, the National Childcare Scheme (NCS) went live on 20th November 2019. Parents/guardians can now apply directly to NCS for financial support, meaning providers no longer need to manage parental paperwork in order to apply for subsidies within this scheme. NCS provides financial support for eligible children aged from 24 weeks who are attending participating Tusla registered services.

Further information on NCS is available in the NCS Policy Guidelines which are available on PIP and the DCEDIY website and on the NCS website

Eligible TEC Savers

Eligible TEC Savers who were registered by the 14th February 2020 and whose eligibility end date extends into 2021/2022 programme year will now merge with the CCSP Saver Programme. Further information in relation to the registering of these participants can be found in the ‘How to Guide’ on PIP. These participants are referred to as CCSP (TEC Final Year).

The Saver status of a CCSP (TEC Final Year) participant is only valid until the end of the programme year stated on their initial letter of eligiblility (which was issued prior to the closure of TEC on the 14th February 2020).

For further guidance please consult the CCSP Saver Rules Programme 2021/2022 CCSP Saver Programme Rules 2021-22.pdf (

If you have additional queries related to the various CCSP Saver funding programmes, please contact Fingal County Childcare Committee for advice on 01 4851727 or email:

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