Hive Announcement 25.8.2023 – Parent Statement

Dear Service Provider, 

Pobal has received a number of queries in relation to the requirements for printing and signing the Parent Statement. Please see below some key points in relation to the Parent Statement: 

  • Parent statements only need to be issued per family and not per child.
  • Parent Statements must only be signed once in the programme year by each parent and provider.   
  • The signed version must be retained and available for inspection.   
  • If a service provider makes changes to the fee table, a new signature is not required but the Parent Statement must be updated and reissued to parents.  However, if a service signs up to, or exits, Core Funding, changing from an Approved Provider to a Partner Service, or vice versa, a signature is required, and the Parent Statement must be updated and reissued to parents.
  • Parent Statements can be issued to parents either by hard copy or by email but record of the email with the Parent Statement must be retained.
  • The parent only needs to print and sign the last page of the Parent Statement, including the full declaration, and return it to the provider, either by scanning the signed version or returning a hard copy.
  • Parent Statements must be signed with a physical signature. E-signatures are not acceptable.

We are aware there have been a number of queries about how NCS claimed hours related to the hours per session type displayed on the fees table. The rules regarding Rounding Hours as per section 8.3.2 of the Policy Guidelines still apply: If a session includes a partial hour a day, and the service is open, then the parent can claim NCS up to the next rounded hour. So e.g. an afternoon session 1.30-6pm can claim for 5 hours a day or 25 hours a week.For more information and guidance please see the Frequently Asked Questions which are available on the Early Years Hive or contact your local CCC.


Early Years Team

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