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Introduction to Childminders

A childminder is a person who single-handedly cares for a small mixed age group of children (maximum 5 pre-school children including their own) in a family home. The hours of work can be flexible to suit the needs of parents and childminder. Parent and childminders negotiate their own private agreement, terms, and fees. Childminders are responsible for the administration of their own business.

Childminders offer family-based childcare which is personal, unique, adaptable and family friendly. The important role childminders plan in childcare is recognised and respected by parents, childcare organisations and childcare associations. There are a number of support agencies and organisations available to assist childminders and parents availing of childminding services.

Childminders Offer:

  • A home from home environment for the child
  • Flexible arrangements that can suit the needs of both the parent and childminder
  • The Childminder has the opportunity to work from home
  • The child can gain the benefits of a mixed group setting in the childminders home



Childminders who cater for any more than 3 preschool children are legally required to notify their service to Tusla (there are exceptions for multiple births). Childminders who fit this category come under the Child Care (Pre-School Services) 2006 Regulations and as such are legally obliged to notify Tusla that they are providing a childminding service – they must be Statutorily Notify. Childminders who care for 3 children or less are exempt from notifying and are invited to voluntarily notify their service to the Fingal County Childcare Committee.


Voluntary Notification – What is it?

Voluntary Notification is a self-assessment system enabling those childminders who are not obliged to notify Tusla of their childminding service, to Voluntary Notify to their local County Childcare Committee. It is implemented in accordance with the National Guidelines for Childminders.



The Benefits of Voluntary Notification are:

If the childminder wishes, they can have their contact details given to parents looking for childcare. It is one of the criteria required to avail of the Childminders Tax Exemption. Voluntary Notification allows childminders to show prospective parents that they are offering a quality, professional service for the families they care for. Also childminders who Voluntary Notify their service to FCCC qualify to apply for the Childminders Development Grant. Voluntary Notified childminders can also advertise on the FCCC website free of charge and will be given priority for training courses.


National Guidelines for Childminders:

The National Guidelines for childminders outlines the Legislation in relation to childminders and details a system whereby those childminder who are not required to notify the HSE of their service (those who care for less than 3 pre-school children) can now voluntarily notify their service to the County Childcare Committee. For more information please contact the Fingal County Childcare Committee Office on (01) 8077660 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.