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PIP Announcement

Dear Service Provider,

The Savers Management Window opened today, 18th December to allow service providers to make necessary amendments to existing registrations for CCSP and TEC 2019-20 & CCSP and TEC 2020-21. The window will close on 11th January. Registrations must match the session type and pattern of attendance of children.
Please see the Savers Management Windows for the 2020/2021 programme year below:
18th December 2020
11th January 2021​
12th February 2021
8th March 2021
26th March 2021
19th April 2021
25th June 2021
13th August 2021​
You are required to make any amendments to registrations in advance of 11th January 2021 to ensure compliance with scheme rules.
Early Years Team