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PIP Announcement - PIP Portal Enhancements

PIP Portal Enhancements

Further to our announcement on the PIP Portal Enhancements, a PIP Portal User Guide is now available to view.
We encourage you to pay particular attention to the ‘Funding’ section of the portal, as a number of changes have been introduced to provide more visibility of the financial information related to your active programmes and payments.  An infographic is also available which explains how Pobal calculates payments for DCYA Childcare Funding Programmes (ECCE, CCS/P and TEC).

Compliance Announcement 2018/2019 Programme Cycle

Compliance Announcement 2018/2019 Programme cycle:

Unannounced compliance visits will commence in October 2018 and continue to the end of August 2019. Note: Services operating ECCE only sessions will not be visited outside of the ECCE programme cycle. 
As previously, the compliance process will involve a series of standardised on-site checks aimed at ensuring adherence with certain programme rules and contract conditions as set out by the Department of Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA).  To ensure compliance with each programmes requirements, services must familiarise themselves with the following:
·         Relevant programme Grant Funding Agreements
·         Rules for DCYA Childcare Funding Programmes (including Appendix 2 “Good Practice Guide - Attendance records”)
·         PIP “How to” Guides
·         Announcements available on the PIP Portal (and Pobal and DCYA websites). 
·         Letter from the DCYA for CCS services 2018 regarding the snapshot window.
Compliance visits will comprise checks on records held on site in respect of the following Early Years Programmes i.e.  
·         Free Pre-school Year in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme
·         Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) Programmes 
·         Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme 
·         Community Childcare Subvention (Plus) including Universal (CCSP/U) Programme
·         Community Childcare Subvention Resettlement/ Transitional (CCSR (T)) Programmes
      It is advised that services prepare for an unannounced compliance visit by collating relevant information for review e.g. in a Compliance Folder/File which can be made readily available to the Visit Officer on arrival. This will ensure minimum disruption and expedite the compliance visit. It is acknowledged that some services file their records in alternative ways which is acceptable, but it should be noted that records must be available to enable the Visit officer to complete the compliance visit in a reasonable timescale. In this regard we request that there is always a staff member on site with access to the Compliance Folder / records in the event of an unannounced visit. Please only maintain compliance related information in the Compliance Folder.
Please see the link to the Service Provider Checklist 2018-2019 which is available on the PIP Portal, to assist services in collating the relevant information to meet compliance requirements.  Please note that this checklist contains a separate section for each of the Early Years programmes.

A Parent's Guide to the National Childcare Funding Programmes 2018/2019

A Parent’s Guide to the National Childcare Funding Programmes 2018/19

Dublin City Childcare Committee’s new publication: A Parent’s Guide to the National Childcare Funding Programmes 2018/2019 is now available to download by clicking on the link above.

The Guide is a great resource for parents, guardians and all of those working in the early childhood sector. It provides parents with the information needed to understand the National Childcare Funding Programmes.

The guide provides an overview of each of the national funding programmes. This helps parents to understand which funding programmes they may be eligible for, the amount of subsidy they could receive and also how to apply for each of the programmes.

Many thanks to Dublin City Childcare Committee for developing and sharing this great resource.

Order your Beep Beep Day 2018 Pack

Place your orders for “Beep Beep Day!” 2018 packs. 


National “Beep Beep Day” takes place on Friday 5th October 2018 during Irish Road Safety Week.  Our warehouse will start to fulfil orders for “Beep Beep Day!” packs from this week.  It is important that providers place their orders through the RSA Online Orders system in plenty of time to have their packs for 5th October.    We have limited supply of stocks so providers should place their orders as soon as possible.


Providers have the option to request the following materials for their pack:


-        Beep Beep Day High vis vests (Sizes:  2-4 year old and 4-6 year old)

-        Beep Beep Day Poster

-        Simon and Friends Parent’s Guide


Orders can be made online at .  All requests must be made through this system.  We hope to get all packs which are ordered by  2nd October to all preschools in time for Beep Beep Day on 5th October. 


Should you encounter any difficulties, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.