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AIM Level 4 Access and Inclusion Profile

Under level 4, pre-school providers can access a national service where specialists in early years care and education for children with disabilities can provide expert advice, mentoring and support. To avail of this support, pre-school providers, in partnership with parents, will be asked to complete an online Access and Inclusion Profile.  This will look at the strengths, abilities and needs of the child, as well as the strengths and needs of the pre-school setting.  The profile will allow the Early Years Specialist to identify what, if any, additional supports might be required to enable the child’s full participation in pre-school.  A copy of the Access and Inclusion Profile can be accessed here.

The degree of support offered by Early Years Specialists will depend on the needs of the child and the pre-school setting. In some cases, this may involve visiting the pre-school and developing an Individual Access and Inclusion Plan for the child within their pre-school setting, in conjunction with the parent and the pre-school provider.  It may also involve liaising with HSE health and social care professionals to obtain their input and expertise.  

You can contact the Early Years Specialist Service by phone (01-511 7222), by e-mail ( or by completing the online Access and Inclusion Profile on PIP.