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Universal Childcare Funding Scheme


Affordable Childcare Scheme - Universal Subvention

From September 2017, every family will be eligible for financial childcare support for any child aged between 6 months and 36 months or the time at which they may start the free preschool programme (ECCE) in full or part time Tusla registered childcare service. Eligibility for this universal subsidy will  not be means tests.  It will be available for families at any income level.

Universal session type  Weekly Subsidy  Daily Subsidy 
Full Time - 5 or more hours €20 €4.00
Part-time -3.31hours to 5 hours €10 €2.00
Sessional - 2.16 hours to 3.30 hours €7.00 €1.40
Half sessional - 1 hour to 2.15 hours €3.50 €0.70


To access CCSU (Universal) services must activate a CCSP contract, and register the child on PIP.   Services do not have to attach any eligibility documentation. 

CCSU Registration Requirements

  • Child PPSN
  • Parent PPSN
  • DOB




There is a website explaining the programme, if you would like to check this out. 


 Please see link to DCYA Programme Rules 2017/2018